Bela Lampert | FAQ
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Just ask what you need to know when you're hiring Bela Lampert as a Coffee Copywriter.

How can you guarantee satisfaction with your copy?

Most clients are pleased and happy with my copy when they receive it – and my usual service includes two revision cycles. However, should you still be unsatisfied with the copy I provided I will rewrite it according to your specific comments, entirely at my expense.

Can your copy guarantee sales results?


Why is that?

There are many factors in your marketing—product, market, price, list, demand, consumer preferences, design, approvals, current events—that I do not and cannot control.

Therefore, while I can and do guarantee your satisfaction with my copy before you test it, I do not promise—and cannot guarantee—specific results.

Then how do I know your copy performs the way I want to?

You can’t. And neither can I.

What you are buying when you hire a professional copywriter is the increased likelihood that his copy will outperform your copy, based on experience. That’s about it.

Experienced direct marketers know that this is part of the risk of doing business. Inexperienced direct marketers usually don’t understand this, and have unrealistic expectations as a result.

The truth is that no one has a formula for beating the control or ensuring a winning promotion every time.

Do you write for nothing upfront but a share of the profits?

No. Every job requires an advance retainer, and I do not begin work without it.

If you write for me and later I need some tweaks, will you charge me for that?

If the promotion is currently in use, and I am being paid a royalty, I will make those tweaks and create those headlines at no charge. After all, I have a financial interest in keeping my copy as your winning control.

On the other hand, if the promotion is not paying me a royalty, there is an additional charge to do more copywriting on your product beyond what was originally contracted for.