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Get up close and personal with Online Video

3 strong reasons for promoting your Coffee Business with Online Video

Show, don't tell!

Showing instead of telling


A video can easily demonstrate what your product does or how your service helps your customers.

Appeal to the Subconscious


Video gives you the possibility to combine live action, animation, music, sound effects and voice over. It gives your prospect a much more emotional experience on various levels.

YOU control the flow of information!

Flow of Information


You are in control of when the customer gets what kind of information. On traditional written material it’s easy to jump ahead and go right to the offer. Not so on video. You can restrict fast forwarding in order to get your sales propositions to your prospect in the order YOU want it.

Do I need Online Video?

Video Promotions are something you should consider when …

  • Your product or its benefits are easy to show but hard to explain
  • Your product is visually appealing and a simple picture just doesn’t cut it
  • You need to get lots of information across in little time
  • You’re afraid your prospects might not want to read a whole lot of text
  • You want to make sure your prospect doesn’t “skip” your powerful sales messages

Failing to plan is planning to fail!

However, the pitfalls of Video Production lie in good preparation.

Many companies shy away from creating a video script before shooting because of the cost involved. In most cases a strong script helps avoid problems further down the line.

A problem anticipated is a problem avoided!

All problems and questions that arise at the script stage can be easily addressed and avoided.

In that regard a video script doesn’t cost you money, it SAVES you money.

Ask me now for a non-binding quote to help you promote your Coffee Business with Online Video