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A Surefire Way to See If You’re Stressed

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The mind is the master and the body is the slave. This means, the mind commands and the body tries to obey as much as it can.

When we’re stressed, what happens is (in a simplified way) that the mind sends stress signals to the body and the body prepares for some kind of emergency.

The problem with this is that the mind often sends stress signals to the body without us realizing it. And over time this makes us unhappy, tense, and even sick.

So, how can we spot if we’re unwillingly stressing the body and wearing us out?

There are a few but one of the most obvious and therefore easiest to spot is our breath. When you’re relaxed, your breath is steady and calm. When you’re stressed it’s not. It can be irregular, pressed, weak, …

If you start paying attention to your breath you will learn a lot about how your body reacts to the signals it gets from the mind.

If you learn to calm your breath, calming your mind is only a little step further.

If you calm your mind, awakening your inspiration is only a little step further.

That’s why this is so important.

How to learn to calm your breath?

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