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Inspiration Now! is a paid, monthly Newsletter series that will teach you step by step how to get rid of all the nonsense you’ve learned about inspiration so far and how you can replace that nonsense with proven and simple techniques that will at least double or triple your inspiration.

The Inspiration Now! Newsletter series will give you at least one full year of transformative lessons that help you discover your true creative potential as a writer or creative person.

Things you will learn as a member of the Inspiration Now! Newsletter Series:

The truth behind perfectionism and why it is hurting creative people badly

Why the myth about needing talent to succeed is pure nonsense

The number one “dirty trick” of video editors that you can ethically “steal”

Little-known programming workflows that will catapult your re-writing speed and quality to a whole new dimension

How to quickly spot “energy suckers” (things and people) and how to avoid them

Simple - sometimes even illogical - ways to “create” moments of inspiration over and over and over on demand

Key strategies for finding the successful stories you already have inside you (and might be unaware of) and how to get them on the page

Very simple tactics to be inspired although you have little or almost no time

Spooky insights to why your mind has been keeping you from being inspired and successful all the time (and how to change that)

The critical element in asking advice from others (that almost no one follows)

How to finally find and follow your vision

How to protect yourself against your own sabotage when it comes to your route to writing success

The real reason so many writers get off track (and how you can avoid it)

How to easily organize yourself so your writing flow is uninterrupted

A “blueprint” for becoming clear on your goals and successes

A step-by-step-way to finally enjoy being a writer and everything that comes with it

How to use the forgotten magic of breath in order to detach and stop the mind racing madness

How a simple adjustment in your thinking can let you keep calm in situations that have been stressing you out all your life

Detailed strategies to never ask yourself “what should I write about” again

How to avoid the most common and costly mistakes most writers make when trying to copy “success models”

How to be egoistic and why you should be it more often if you want to supercharge your writing career

A “magic bullet” for making “instant motivation” a natural habit

A very simple tactic to never feel like a victim again

Proven ways to discover your true value and become totally comfortable in front of others

Put an end to the voices in your head that keep you from having the success you deserve

An “almost magic” way to become a better writer by NOT writing

An almost foolproof way to write faster like ever before

The Inspiration Now! Newsletter series is still in the works and is about to go live soon.

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Bela Lampert Optioned Screenwriter Yoga Instructor


Yoga Instructor & Optioned Screenwriter

Bela Lampert is an optioned Screenwriter and certified Yoga Instructor. He has a strong background in television production and has been fascinated by the way pictures can tell us stories since he saw his first movie in the cinema (“The Jungle Book”).

Having discovered through his own experience how to access the true voice and inspiration that lies buried in all of us, he’s intent on helping other writers unleash their creative potential so they can carry their stories out into the world and be heard.

Bela Lampert writes Thriller screenplays for the international marketplace.