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Do It! Don’t Do It!

There are two sides to everything. If you just concentrate to one of them, you’ll run in circles and get nowhere.

Some examples:

  • If you’re an athlete and you only train and don’t relax, you’ll be exhausted and sick in no time
  • If you work your ass off and never rest, the same. You’ll be exhausted and sick.
  • If you just write and never reflect, you’ll get a lot of writing done but will it be any good?

You always need the active part and the passive part.

The active part is doing something. The passive part is letting go.

  • exercise/rest
  • learn/rest
  • awake/asleep
  • work/break
  • tension/relief

It’s always the same. You need both sides of the coin.

What does that mean for your writing?

Focus, then let go. Then focus again, then let go. Then, again. Like an athlete.

How to learn to let go?
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