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Final Draft 12 - Reformat Assistant

How To Reformat Your Script Quickly In Final Draft 12

How To Reformat Your Script Quickly In Final Draft 12

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Sometimes, you run into a situation where you might want to or need to assign many script elements to another element, for example if an import from another text format has gone wrong.

In this case it would be very time consuming selecting each of the elements and assigning it to a different one.

So, Final Draft 12 gives you an assistant for that. The Reformat Assistant.

Go to “Tools – Reformat”

The Reformat Assistant lets you jump from element to element real quickly and assign another element format to it with the click of a button.

Final Draft 12 - Reformat Assistant

Final Draft 12 always marks the whole element and you can choose to reformat it to a different one by selecting the corresponding button.

As you can see, Final Draft 12 changes the element and jumps to the next one and all you have to do is decide whether you want to change that element or not.

This allows you to go through all of your elements rather quickly without wasting a lot of time on a rather tedious task.