John Truby Final Draft 12 Beat Board Template

John Truby Final Draft Template Preview

Instructions for using the Final Draft John Truby Template

If you don’t know who John Truby is, he teaches deep story structure and how to apply it to screenplays. He has written a great book about that which is called “Anatomy of Story: 22 Steps to Becoming a Master Storyteller”.

This video will not teach you about his sytem, but rather how you can use his system with the Final Draft Template I’m about to show you.

To download the template enter your email address in the signup box below. You will get sent a download link.

Once you’ve downloaded the template unpack the zip file.

Double click the .fdxt file (Final Draft Template File) to open the template.

Final Draft will open a new file that has the name of the template and “untitled” in front of it.

This file is not the template file itself, but rather a new file that Final Draft created based on the template file that you used to open it.

If you want to save the template as it is in the “My Templates” section for future use, go to “File – Save as Template…” and give it a name.

You will then be able to access it anytime under “File – New from Template…” under “My Templates”.

In terms of formatting, the template is based on the standard “Screenplay” settings of Final Draft.

What you see first when you open up a new file with this template is the beat board.

The beat board shows you all the story steps for this template in a vertical and horizontal fashion. This is so you can choose which way you prefer to organize your beat cards and you can very easily delete the ones you don’t need.

Every structure beat contains a short reminder on what this beat is about.

Also, you see empty beat cards that are placed next to or under the structure beats for you to use and duplicate to place your corresponding notes.

This way you can organize your story ideas on the beat board in an index card like fashion.

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Update: You now longer need to enter your email address, just click the "Download" button below and the download should start immediately.