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People Will Hate You

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In the best case.

Here’s why.

If you try to please everyone, you’ll end up pleasing no one. And most importantly, not even yourself.

If you write, you’re putting your opinion out there. In a way at least. If you get criticism because of that, good. That’s a great sign.

It’s like in your stories. What makes the hero great? The opposition he faces.

If you get opposition, that will also attract people who love what you wrote, and want to support you.

Stop trying to make everyone happy. Other people’s opinion is not your responsibility.

In fact, if you never face opposition you should ask yourself if maybe what you’re putting out there is not strong enough. Or controversial enough to get seen by people who hate it.

This boils down to this:

Do your thing, don’t give a s***. Or how else are people going to see your personality?

How to learn to let go of other people’s opinion?

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