Tap into your true creativity with just 15 minutes a day.

Thank you for you interest in the “Yoga for Writers” program.

This program is designed to

Let go of fear of rejection

Get rid of “Blank Page Panic”

Help you control your emotions

Enjoy writing again

Empower yourself

Awaken your positivity

Discover your potential

Let go of self-judgement

Discover your true creativity

Control your thoughts

Practice acceptance of things we can’t control

Let go of perfectionism that can harm you

Find your courage

Spot unconscious habits that may be hurting yourself

Observe yourself to reach new insights

Get rid of fear of the future

Stop overthinking

Find and enjoy the stillness inside you

Find your focus (again)

Find the strength to continue

Get you “unstuck”

Stop the “Mind-Carousel”

Become aware of your true power

Cure creative blocks

Stop worrying all the time

Get clear about your goals

Lose the fear of “dead ends”

Stay on course (or get back on it)

Listen to your intuition

and more ...

You will be absolutely amazed how this program

Will change your writing habits

And how you see yourself as a writer

At this moment, this program is still in development.

But don’t worry, I got you.

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