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Your Trailer vs. Your B-Roll

It’s easy to fall into the trap of judging the accomplishments of others by the best works they publish.

Imagine a movie trailer, or pictures of themselves they post on the internet. These mediums are used to publish the best, the most successful version of themselves.

Don’t compare these works to your work in progress, your “B-Roll” so to speak.

It’s an unfair comparison and it may lead to shutting yourself down or at least you won’t feel good about yourself.

If at all, compare apples with apples, and don’t do it in combination with negative self-talk. On the contrary. Try to learn from what others do.

The most emotional healthy thing, of course, would be to not compare yourself to others at all. Enjoy their works, but don’t compare yourself as a person to someone else.

Everyone has their own history, their own path, their own uniqueness. Your path is only yours, as much as their path is only theirs.

How to stop comparing yourself to others?
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