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Another one about why Rejection is good for you

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Another one about why Rejection is good for you

I’ve heard of many writers hiding their work. They spend hours and hours on working on something they love and I would bet that most of them at some point want to become a “real” writer (who gets paid).

But what they do is, they are afraid to get their work out there because they feel vulnerable. They are afraid of being critiqued, maybe not liked, and all sorts of other stuff.

Also, many of them state they are afraid of being “ripped off”, that someone might steal their idea.

Of course it would be nice to have instant success, that your story is that one in a million that makes you rich and famous overnight.

But maybe that’s not going to happen. Maybe you will be getting bad feedback, maybe a lot of people will reject your idea, maybe you’re not going to be an instant success (however you might define success for yourself).

But think about that for a second.

What does it mean to be rejected, to get “bad feedback”, as you might call it?

  • It means you are getting your work out there, you are taking the necessary steps that every writer before you, who is now successful, has done
  • It means although it makes you feel vulnerable, you’re still doing it
  • It means that your wish to become a great writer is stronger than your fear of rejection
  • It means that you do have a chance at success, whereas if you never show your work to anyone you have none

Yes, it’s frightening, at least in the beginning, but there is no way around that.

Or is there?

Why don’t you try to have fun with it? Why don’t you open yourself up for the possibility that there is also going to be a lot of good feedback, that many, many people will love your work?

That can also happen. But only if you get over your fear of rejection.

To tone down your fear:

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