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Why rejection is your friend

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Why rejection is your friend

You really should start to embrace rejection!

Really, I mean it!

And here is why:

A while back I had a colleague. She was from another country, so German was her second language. (This took place in Austria). When she found out that they planned to let her go, she was totally relaxed. When I asked her about it, she told me she knew she was good at job interviews so she was confident she would get another job soon.

That is something you don’t hear very often from people.

Being let go for many is a frightening experience.

She went on:

She had been frightened and nervous in job interview situations before, so what she did was she decided to get good at it. She would apply for job after job after job, just to see how far she would get.

She didn’t even want those jobs, for her it was just training. One of the companies she applied for even had her fly to Istanbul for one of her interviews.

It would have been a high-paying job in the oil industry. She turned it down.


Having gone through all of those experiences, being interviewed for a job came so natural to her, she wasn’t afraid of it anymore. It had become second nature.

The result?

She found another job in no time, even though she had the disadvantage of another language.

The moral of the story?

If you’ve been rejected so many times that you realize it has nothing to do with you personally and it’s just part of being a writer or a inspired person, you can stop being afraid of it and accepted as part of your life.

Imagine, being able to let go of the fear of rejection completely and instead use that time and energy to create!

Help for letting go of the fear of rejection:

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