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Your future is now

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Your future is now

Imagine you decide buying a house.

From that moment on, probably a decent amount of your “brain time” is going to be spent on thinking forward to that point in time where you will own it. In order for that to take place there are couple of steps you need to do:

  • Decide on what kind of house you want
  • What price range is possible for you
  • Saving plans
  • Mortgage plans
  • Room layouts
  • Designs
  • etc.

So, you could say that from the moment you make the decision to buy that house, the future of you owning it already exists. You don’t own the house yet in this very moment NOW but the future you imagine will happen because of the decisions and plans you make on the way.

It’s almost inevitable.

The same applies to your writing.

The moment you decide where all the work and time and effort you put into your writing is going to lead you eventually, you create that future point in time where it will come all together.

The necessary steps to get there?

You need to feel what it will be like once you have reached that place. You need to be specific about what you want, so that you can find out what the necessary steps are.

When you buy the house, there are probably a lot of steps that you haven’t figured out just yet, but people have done it before, and if you are confident about it and keep working on it with a positive attitude, you will get there.

Same with writing.

Decide where you want to go

  • Imagine how reaching your goal feels like
  • Find out what steps are necessary to get there (or at least the next step)
  • Keep going towards that goal
  • then take the next step
  • and the next
  • and the next
  • and never stop

Find situations in the past where you already have been successfully doing that, maybe without even noticing it.

Then apply this strategy to your writing goals/life.

Do this on a consistent basis and you will be amazed what you can accomplish!

The key element here is to stay positive!

To awaken your positivity:

Subscribe to my monthly, paid "Inspiration Now!" Newsletter: