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What Is Fear?

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What Is Fear?

Fear can be a great obstacle to creativity. Everybody is afraid of something. Of course. We need fear because it can protect us from certain situations that could cause us harm or even our life.

But most of the situations we fear are not life-threatening. Not even close.

Take one of your fears. Think about it. Just for a moment don’t try to get rid of it. Feel it run through your body, try to be clear about what it is exactly that you fear.

Maybe you fear not being taken seriously as a writer. It might be something totally different for you, but for the sake of this exercise I’m going to go with this.

Now follow that fear for second. If it should become true, what’s gonna happen? How would you feel?

Investigate those emotions for a bit and then try to think about why you are fearing that situation. Fear is always connected to the love of something else.

We fear something because we love something else. What is it that you love and that you fear losing? Maybe you can hold on to that feeling of what you love and now let that feeling of love ran through your body.

Again, stay there for a bit and just concentrate on the positive thing now, the thing you love so much that you fear losing it.

Now, try to come back to the actual moment, the NOW. You, in this very moment, reading these words. And compare this moment to what you just experienced in your thoughts connected to your fear and the thing or person you love.

This very moment is real. It is happening right now. The imagination you just went through, is not. The love for the thing or person you just experienced is real. Because you have it. In this very moment.

The fear about losing that is NOT real. It is only a projection of the mind. The mind has a tendency to try to predict a possible future based on experiences in the present and the past. But those predictions are just theoretical, they’re not real. Once you realize that it’s much easier to let them go.

They’re not real and 99% of the time the future will be different than what we thought it would be.


If you can let go of that layer of fear that covers your creativity, you are free to enjoy what you love in this very moment.

The more you practice this, the less fear will be able to rule your emotions and block your creativity.

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