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Is The Cure Worse Than The Illness?

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Is The Cure Worse Than The Illness?

Imagine this:

You are an aspiring writer with a day job. You need the job to keep yourself afloat but it stresses you out and that affects your inspiration in your writing time.

I don’t know if this is your exact situation that my guess would be that you can relate in some way.

Now let’s say, having too little time to write that is free of mental distractions (a.k.a. the stress from your day job) is the “disease”. It is something that you would like to cure, right?

What possible cures would there be?

The most obvious in a hypothetical sense would be to quit your day job. Without your day job you have enough time to write, and there is no stress from people at work that affects your inspiration.

But, all you might do is exchange one disease for another. Without a day job you will be stressed out because you have no income, no way to pay your bills, your mortgage,… and that stress also affects your inspiration in your writing time.

You have cured your initial disease but the cure turns out to be worse.

Find out what the “diseases” of your day. Brainstorm possibilities to cure them, in a hypothetical way first, and then evaluate your possibilities and compare them to your original “disease”. Which of them is better?

Maybe what you considered a “disease” in the first place is not such a bad spot to be in, at least for the moment.

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