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Facing The Page

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Facing The Page

Many writers fear it. Facing the page.

I did too.

But there is a different way to see it.

What if, instead of, staring at the page in fear of you might not come up with something brilliant, seeing it as a friend?

A friend who sees all your good, all your bad, all the try-outs, all the rewrites, all the painful writing, all the joyful writing, all the breakthroughs, your whole development as a writer, you becoming a pro, …?

Do you think the page cares?

We know it doesn’t but somehow we project this feeling onto it that it expects us to be great and it judges us if we don’t live up to that standard.

The page does what it tells you. If you feel good about giving yourself the breathing room to try out, find ways that don’t work in order to find the ones that do, the page will be completely fine with that.

If you write really bad stuff on the page for months, and then all of a sudden you have a breakthrough because of it, the page won’t mind.

It is there to support you every step of the way if you let it.

How to get rid of facing-the-page-anxiety permanently?

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