Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

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Find My iPhone

Sometimes we get lost in our lives. In our books, our stories.

We see things we think we want and then it turns out they’re bad for us.

We see people we want to be with, who admire us, and then later we realize we were mistaken.

We want to follow the example of others, their ways to be rich and famous, and then on the way end up totally exhausted and totally lost.

The way out of all this?

A possibility to connect with yourself. The core of your inner self, that’s always there, but that’s sometimes covered up by fear, desires. The voice in our self that talks to us, quietly at first and we don’t listen to it. But then later we realize it has always been there, trying to guide our way.

That voice is also the spring of our creativity because it is our self in the purest sense. But it cannot speak if we don’t let it.

If you lose your iPhone, what do you do? You use the “Find my iPhone” function.

If you lose yourself, what do you do?

You need to find a possibility to connect to yourself. This can be a place, a trustful person, a piece of music, an object that we love, that helps us remember who we are.

Or maybe it’s none of that. Maybe it’s just getting rid of all the dirt that we have accumulated over the years. Shake it off so our inner voice can become heard again. So that the creative being in us can awaken.

To listen to your own voice:

Subscribe to my monthly, paid "Inspiration Now!" Newsletter: