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The Risk-Security-Relationship

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The Risk-Security-Relationship

A lot of what we do every day is based on the assumption that what we do gives us less risk and more security.

Which is fine. In part.

An example:

If you like to go offshore sailing in the arctic sea and you know what you’re doing you’ll invest quite some energy on making sure you have every damn security system on board that is available, and most likely you will have gone through a training program for helicopter rescue at sea.

Seems like a good investment in your security to me.

But what if your dream is to be a sailer but you never leave port because you’re afraid something might happen to you at sea?

You gain a lot of security from all the things that might happen to you at sea. Almost 100%. I say “almost” because there could still be a tsunami that floods your land and pulls you out to the sea, so even if you never go sailing you still have a slight chance of dying by the force of the water.

The point is…

If you give yourself too much security, what you do is you make sure that with 100% certainty you will not be able to experience the things that you would like to experience.

New things that excite us are always out of our comfort zone and always involve some kind of risk. You’ll never be 100% secure from that.

By the way…

Talking about security. I bet almost all of us never thought a pandemic would hit us and turn the whole world upside down, so… we’re never 100% secure from anything anyway.

Another example.

Let’s say you want a secure job. Your parents tell you you should be an accountant. They’re always in need. So, you become an accountant. You get a job at a company and they like you and if the company doesn’t go bust you can spend the rest of your working life there as an accountant.

Pretty secure, huh?

Yeah, you’re pretty secure from fulfilling your dreams that way. Your dream of becoming a professional writer maybe. Unless your dream is to become an accountant, of course.


Go out, seek the fun. If you’re afraid of it… GOOD! Go for it! Find out how it makes you a stronger and more confident person.

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