Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

What Will Others Think?

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What Will Others Think?

Ever heard that voice in your head when you were developing a character, ‘what will others think of you if you write that person like that?’ Maybe you thought about writing a character that would be a very controversial person in your life if it were a real living human being.

Remember this:

Depicting is not endorsing.

Those are two different things. Don’t impose boundaries on your creativity just because you’re worried others might not like that person or might not like the topic you’re writing about. Or they might be surprised it’s YOU who’s writing about that.

You are not your characters.

Your characters are fictional, an invention of your mind. They have nothing to do with you as a person and nobody will judge you for it. And if someone does, that person is just letting you know that you shouldn’t listen to their opinions anymore.

How to learn to distance yourself from the opinions of others?

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