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Will It Take Courage?

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Will It Take Courage?

I’m a movie buff. So every now and then I watch interviews of actors from their current movie. Of course they talk a lot about what attracted them to play that specific role. And often times they say something along the lines of being “afraid” – in some form or other – of where that role might take them or of certain aspects of that role.

Why would they do something that they are afraid of?

Let’s take a step back for a second and look into your situation. Imagine for a second what your dreams are. Try to picture them before you, one goal or multiple goals that you would like to reach.

Now think about what steps will be necessary to reach them. Do these steps include doing things that you are afraid of? Probably. Are you doing them anyway? Maybe, maybe not.

We are used to certain things in our everyday life that we are not afraid of anymore. Because we’ve been doing them for a while. That’s why we got used to them.

Our goals are outside of that comfort zone. That’s why they are goals because we’re not there yet. And the steps that are necessary to get there are the way through that uncomfortable zone.

So, back to the fear the actors talk about and that you feel in order to get where you want to go.

The brain has a tendency to think about what could go wrong all by itself. In this case it is a sign that you are moving out of your known world into a new place where new, brilliant things can happen.

You are moving towards your goals.

If you are certain about your goals, take the fear of the unknown as a good sign. It’s a sign that you are on your way.

So, yes, it does take courage. Otherwise, taking the steps wouldn’t mean anything.

To find your courage:

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