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How Is Your Digestion?

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How Is Your Digestion?

Remember the last time you ate something bad, or too much? And your digestion rebelled?

Everything that we swallow, be it food, thoughts, or emotions, stays in the body until we can get rid of it.

In the case of food it’s pretty simple, albeit painful sometimes, but we know how to do it because every now and then we are forced to.

(Although I’ve read that depending on what you eat, some food might stay inside your digestion system and clog you up after some time if you don’t do regular detoxing and cleansing. But that’s not what this email is about.)

The thing is, our thoughts create emotions and those emotions, if we “swallow” them and don’t let go of them, create tension in the body.

Just try it out for yourself. Think of something or someone that gives you a very negative feeling and observe how your body reacts to it.

If you keep having those kinds of negative emotions over and over and over, the tension accumulates in the body.

You need to let go of negative emotions. You swallowed them once, and that’s understandable, but then after a while they need to pass your body and leave.

In the end, you don’t want to deal with your tension all the time, you want to be creative, right?

You can’t be creative if you’re swallowing “bad stuff” all the time.

You need to free yourself up to let your creativity shine again.

How to learn to get rid of bad emotions accumulated in your body?

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