Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

The Things You Don’t Want

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The Things You Don’t Want

The next time when you something you like and you catch yourself thinking, “I want that too”, or “I want to be that too”…

Stop right there.

Do you really want that?

Think it through. Maybe you have a fantasy version about what it’s like to have that. But that often is just the instagram version of it. The picture on the package. The unrealistic imagination.

When you think it further, what consequences has having that thing or being that person? What implications on your life, on your obligations would that have? Do you want those as well?

If you still want it, think about the cost. I’m not only talking about the financial cost, but also the personal cost. What would be necessary to get it?

Do you still want it?

When you consider the “real” perspective of having/being that, the costs involved, and the implications, and you still want it…

What are you waiting for?

The first step always starts with a decision. A delayed decision is no decision.

How to get clear on your decisions?

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