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The Things You Don’t Do

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The Things You Don’t Do

Deep down we already know how to become better. How to become the person we want to be.

What steps to take in order to become a professional at what we want to do. How to become friendlier, more relaxed, at peace with ourselves and the world. Whatever it might be, if we listen to ourselves and are really honest, we know.

But the mind tricks us all the time. Makes us question our decisions. Fears flare up again.

It’s so hard to stay on track and to do all the things that we “should” do.

Yes, it is.

But there is another way.

Why not, instead of beating yourself up, trying to accomplish everything, and at the end of the day feeling bad because you left out a few, try it the other way round.

You’re used to making TO DO lists, right?

So, instead of filling up that list, why not make a DON’T DO list?

A really short one.

The DON’T DO list is for things, obviously that you do but don’t want to do. For example, complaining.

Put on your DON’T DO list, ‘don’t complain’. Just for one day. Try it out. It’s only one thing, so you’re not inundated with tasks you should do. And when you really accomplish not complaining, not even a single bit, for one day, that’s a huge thing.

And you will start feeling the positive effects of that really fast.

Another example, about your writing.

If you’re used to worry when you’re stuck (which is normal), you could put on your DON’T DO list ‘don’t worry when you’re stuck’. And then try to stick to it. For one writing session, for two, as long as you want.

You’ll see the difference it makes in no time.

So, you can try to fill your life with positive things and thoughts, that’s perfectly fine. But sometimes we just don’t feel like it. Then, not doing the negative things is perfectly fine as well. Once the negativity is gone, the positivity will shine through all by itself.

How to get better at “not doing things”:

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