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Advice From A Literary Agent

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Advice From A Literary Agent

I read an interview with Daniel James Clark, Manager at WSA Entertainment the other day.

One of the most interesting things he said was that in his opinion, writers should find things that are just for them, that have nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

I agree.

I’m also guilty of falling into the trap of thinking that working and working and working even more is the surefire road to success.

But it’s not. It’s the surefire way to pain and misery.

You need to detach.

When we want something too much often we’re going at it with the wrong emotions. We get tense, unhappy, grim.

If you detach every once in a while you give yourself the chance to connect back to yourself, go back to the reason why you’re doing all this. Find out new things about yourself. Just be happy for a moment and enjoy spending time with yourself.

Which is necessary for your emotional balance.

What I also recommend for your emotional balance:

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