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Create Delight Before It’s Expected

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Create Delight Before It’s Expected

When the movie “Face/Off” with John Travolta and Nicolas Cage came out I just loved in right from the start. I remember sitting in the cinema and there’s a shootout right at the beginning that at the time was at a level that other movies had as their finale.

I was blown away.

When the movie came out on VHS tape I bought it immediately and watched it maybe 30 times more. No kidding.

But that’s beside the point.

The point is what the movie did was create delight before it was expected.

Right at the start of the movie I got an action sequence that I would have expected in the end.

I read the quote “create delight before it’s expected” in a newsletter I’m subscribed to from Seth Godin.

If you don’t know him, you might want to check him out. His daily newsletter is free and full of insights.

He talked about creating delight in customer service, but it’s so important in writing as well.

Think about what could create delight for your audience?

What does the genre demand?

What great, entertaining things could your characters do?

What would you like to see done in your genre that hasn’t been done before?

What kinds of things have created delight for you before you expected it in other  movies, TV shows, or books?

Think about that and then create great, entertaining stuff for your audience!

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