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The Cost of Goals

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The Cost of Goals

I went hiking the other day.

I took my camera and I wanted to reach a beautiful mountain lake in the north of Spain.

Usually you can get there by car, but the road was closed due to covid restrictions.

So I went on foot.

It was a tough hike, but still, incredibly beautiful.

I knew I didn’t have all the time in the world because the route was quite long, and also, I didn’t have endless battery life for my camera.

So, I decided for all the beautiful things that come along my way I just make a picture with my iPhone and that’s it.

But still, I was tempted all the time to take out my camera, set it up, use up battery life and storage space (it needs a looooot of storage) to capture the beauty in front of me.

And every time when I thought about it, I decided against it.

Because really thinking it through, I didn’t want to trade time, energy, battery life and storage for what I had in mind.

My goal was the lake.

And that reminded me of all the distractions we face in life.

We make up our mind about our goal and then for a while it’s easy to keep going in that directions.

But distractions come and they try to seduce us. They may seem harmless in the moment. But we lose time, energy, and sometimes other things which makes it harder to get to where we want to get.

Now, that isn’t to say that in the midst of thinking you want to go to A, you discover that there is a new possibility to go to B and you decide to switch goals.

But then, make it a conscious decision. The cost of going for goal B is abandoning goal A.

Something to keep in mind.

By the way, eventually I did reach the mountain lake and it was stunning.

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