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The Emotional Equivalent Of Fatty Food

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The Emotional Equivalent Of Fatty Food

We crave food that is not good for us.

Not all the time, but way too often.

But why is that?

I read somewhere that the reason for this is that the body constantly tries to prepare for an emergency situation.

When we need quick energy because we need to run from some life-threatening danger, the body needs sugar and fat.

(I might be a little off on this, I’m not a nutritionist, but I think you get the idea.)

So, if we know that we probably need to run from a tiger soon, it won’t harm our body to eat something that under normal circumstances would be very unhealthy for us.

(If we really DO run and burn that fuel, that is.)

But if we would constantly give in to our body’s demand of unhealthy food because it wants to stack up on energy, we wouldn’t feel well after a while, and after some more time we might even become sick.

It’s the same with our thoughts.

Our mind has the ability to prepare for disaster before it happens.

Because we have the ability to link ahead and plan accordingly.

And it’s a great thing, if applied consciously.

But it shouldn’t become our default state.

It’s like with the fatty food.

Our mind constantly tries to prepare us for disaster, the mind trap being that we think if we think about that before hand we’re somehow preparing to deal with that situation better when it arrives.

But that’s not the case.

Most disaster situations that our mind produces on an ongoing basis never become reality.

The only thing that thinking about those does is rob us of the opportunity to enjoy what is in front of us and make good use of the moment.

Which is one very important factor to “call” inspiration: stop the thinking ahead (aka worrying), at least for a moment and allow yourself to discover what lies in front of you.

To master this technique and many others to “call” your inspiration:

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