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Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

One At A Time Or Ten In A Row

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One At A Time Or Ten In A Row

Getting Inspired has a lot to do with getting to know yourself.

I just planned my schedule for the day. It’s something that I do either in the morning or on the day before.

I prefer to do it in the morning because it depends a bit on my mood and how am I going to know the day before in which mood I’m going to be in tomorrow.

There are different topics on my schedule, some that I am inspired to work on very easily, others not so much.

Still, I like doing them but if I plan them the wrong way they can turn into a chore.

What do I mean by that?

There are things that I can easily work on for hours.

Screenwriting for example (although that doesn’t include ALL the tasks that have to do with screenwriting, but a lot of them).

Video Editing. Same thing. I can do it for hours without problem.

But other things not so much. Repetitive tasks for example that have to do with marketing.

Or voice overs. I can only do it for so much time before I get exhausted and feel like a need to do something else for a change.

But that’s okay. Because I know that.

So I plan my day schedule accordingly.

If I would be working to much on things I like doing for a short while, but not for a long while, over time, I would feel like I hate doing them although that’s not true. 

I just need to keep the time period working on those things shorter than with other things.

So, observe yourself. 

Which things can you do for hours and still be inspired? Which things do you like for a short while but then you need to focus on something else?

Plan your schedule accordingly and you will stay way more inspired!

To go deeper on “inspired scheduling”:

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