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Pirate Movies Are Dead

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Pirate Movies Are Dead

And then “Pirates of the Caribbean” came along and created a billion-dollar franchise.

We often think in terms of limits that others pose.

And for years, and maybe even decades everyone said, pirate movies are dead.

But in reality that was not what they meant.

What they mean was, “nobody wants to see pirate movies anymore the way we’ve been doing them until now”.

Which is a completely different conversation.

Because if “Pirates of the Caribbean” proved something then that people indeed like watching pirate movies if they are done in a fresh and entertaining way.

The same applies to your writing.

Yes, there are years of decades of experience in the market on what works and what doesn’t.

I’m not saying that these experiences are worth nothing. They are an important foundation for creating successful projects in the motion picture industry.

What I mean is that you as a writer shouldn’t limit yourself just because you heard someone else say that something doesn’t work.

As in the pirate example, what people often are really saying is, “the way it has been done before doesn’t work anymore”.

So, try to find a new way!

Don’t let self-imposed limits shut down your inspiration. Because the limits are only there when you’re convinced they are.

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