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The Frustration Of Waiting

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The Frustration Of Waiting

I went to collect something from the post office the other day.

And because of COVID restrictions there was a long cue outside the building. And there was one guy who was obviously very agitated because he had to wait. 

I was outside of hearing range but his body language spoke volumes.

That reminded me that waiting in cues is a bit like becoming pro.

We know where we want to go and more or less we know which way to go but there are always times when we feel it’s just waiting time. Wasted time.

Time in which nothing happens and we can’t do anything about it.

It’s out of our control.

Yes and no.

Often the outcome of something might be out of our control. 

(In the case of me waiting for my turn to recollect my package at the post office, it’s out of my control when I will eventually get there. I can do nothing but wait.)

But what we can control is how we make use of our time.

Instead of being frustrated that we have to wait, we can do something for ourselves.

We can take care of ourselves by feeling good about us. That’s a way better emotion than frustration.

Or, we can think about our story problems. You never know when inspiration strikes.

Or, you can think about what to get someone as a birthday present.

Or, you can call a loved one and have a nice conversation.

… and a million other things that generate a way better emotion than frustration.

Frustration is almost a surefire way to make sure inspiration does not turn up. 

So try to avoid it. It’s only temporary anyway so why even bother?

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