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Writing Quality vs. Quantity

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Writing Quality vs. Quantity

There is a study cited in the Book “Range – Why Generalists Triumph In A Specialized World” by David Epstein that tested how fast children would learn to draw.

They were divided into two groups.

One group was given the objective to draw as beautifully as possible.

The other group was given the objective to draw as much as possible.

Then they looked at which group honed their drawing skills faster.

Guess what, the group who drew fast won. By far.


Because they didn’t worry about quality, they just drew and drew and drew and after a short time they outdrew the other group in experience.

The takeaway for writers?

While I wouldn’t say that just producing a lot of output is always better than producing quality I’d definitely say that both of these processes should be in your creative toolbox.

And in order to give inspiration a chance to shine through you need to know when to apply which.

If you want to learn that:

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