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Wasting Your Productive Time On YouTube

Wasting Your Productive Time On YouTube

I just needed to check something on YouTube real quick.

I was updating some tasks in my management tool and I needed to check which of the videos I produce for my YouTube channel have already been uploaded.

So, when I went there and I saw the YouTube starting page, guess what happened.

Since I trained the YouTube algorithm well I saw a whole lot of videos that interest me. A little bit about this, a little bit about that, an amusement park for the mind if you want to procrastinate and waste time.

The same happens when you’re writing, right?

There is just a tiny bit of information you need in connection with the writing software you use.

Maybe one function isn’t working as it should, or you can’t find it and everything you want is to solve that quickly and get back to writing.

So you go to YouTube to find a tutorial on that, but you end up seeing a whole lot of other stuff that interests you and your writing time just went… Whoof… Out of the window!

One way to avoid that is to go to my Writer’s Territory Membership Site instead.

There’s no distractions, there’s all the software help you need in short and precise tutorials, and you can go back to writing after approximately 3 minutes.

Problem solved!