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More Ways To Waste Your Writing Time

More Ways To Waste Your Writing Time

This is what a fellow screenwriter wrote me the other day on an instant messenger platform:


YO! Just googled all over to figure out where to reset Scrivener default fonts.

Everything out there was an old location.

Then I happened upon a familiar name & voice.

Your video came up.

The ONLY one to point out correctly where to find it.

LOVE your templates too. Just subscribed.


He didn’t know I had a YouTube channel and back then my {!global Membership Site Product Name} wasn’t published yet.

So, he was looking to solve a software problem that kept him from writing and it took him a while on YouTube to find exactly what he was looking for.

Had he he been member of my course platform “Writer’s Territory” it would have taken him a couple of minutes max.

The problem with YouTube and the internet in general: there is great and useful information out there but the problem is finding exactly what you need without wasting your time too much.