Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

Good Tools, Half The Work

When I was little I enjoyed watching (and „helping“ to a certain degree) my father repair his old cars. He would buy them used and then, over the summer, fix them up and drive them.

For me as a little boy it was enjoyable spending time with him doing that, being interested in cars anyway (back then), and I also learned a lot about the mechanics of how cars work.

„Good tools, half the work.“ Was one of the mottos of my father.

Instead of wasting hours and hours of his lifetime, trying to fix something with the tools he had, he tried to get his hands on a good one.

If he couldn’t afford it, he borrowed it until the work was done, or sometimes even constructed his own ones if he couldn’t find what he thought was necessary to do the job.

Anyway, his motto kept stuck in my head and in applies perfectly to writing software.

If you use the right tools for the job, that is, knowing what you want to do and then finding out what the best tool for this work is, you will only have to do half the work and save yourself hours and hours of lifetime (that you can use writing or playing with your kids instead).

That’s why my industry standard writing software courses gives you both: the toolbox in order to find out which is the best tool, and the manuals, so you know how to use them properly.

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