Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

Why Thinking Is The Devil

The biggest problem with writing is not the writing part.

It’s the thinking part.

Most writers I talk to (and also from my own personal experience), nothing keeps us as much from writing as thinking.

Now, let me get that clear, I’m not talking about that you just should anything that comes to mind without filter and then call it a story.

A good story in fact requires a lot of thinking in order to get the elements work together in a coherent way so it appears like a representation of life.

But I’m not talking about that.

I’m talking about all the other thinking that goes on apart from that.

This thinking is usually fear-based.

It usually has something to do with thinking that you’re not able to do it (or not do it well enough, depending on the standards that you impose on yourself), or what others might think about it, be it family, friends, or agents, managers, producers, …

The problem with that kind of thinking is it keeps you from really getting into the writing flow, into the process and discovering the real possibilities that lie hidden in the concept that you have.

Or, it may keep you from experimenting without judgement until you have pieces that fit together just nicely (maybe after having found hundreds that don’t work together nicely, but nobody’s going to see your notes if you don’t want to so who cares).

If you can stop the thinking, you can stop the fears, at least for the time that you’re sitting at your computer.

If you can do that, your writing will make a leap in quality and creativity for sure.

Other things that keep you from getting into the writing flow:
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