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Successful Writers Have Superpowers

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Successful Writers Have Superpowers

When you listen to a bunch of writer’s interviews, you’ll notice that there are certain things they basically all do, and some that are very different. Every writer has a somewhat different approach to getting the work done.

Some like to write in sprints, some like to write outside, some carry the story in their head for weeks and then get it down in a one-nighter, others develop on paper bit by bit.

So, when you’re just starting out it’s very difficult to make sense of that because you don’t know what you should do. Which strategy to follow?

My conclusion:

Every writer has strengths and weaknesses. There are always certain aspects of writing that demand skills that don’t feel “natural” to you, that have to be learned. Other will feel very organic from the beginning.

I, for example know of myself that in a “worst” case, I can always fall back on my habit of “just getting it done”. If necessary, I will make a plan to, let’s say, get a certain amount of writing done until a certain deadline. Then I will practically ‘shut down my brain’ and just get it done. Like a machine.

Of course it would be better to have more room to play, but I’m talking about a “writing emergency case” here. The output may not be the most brilliant piece I ever did but I always know I will have something to show.

I know that because that is my strength. My superpower, so to speak. My weaknesses lie in other areas.

And this might be completely different for you. Maybe your superpower is to wait until the last minute, because you know that is when you are most creative and you can rely on coming up with a brilliant idea.

What I’m saying is this:

If you know what your writing superpowers are, if push comes to shove, you know you can rely on them. You’re “safe”.

Also, it helps to know in what areas you need more personal development as a writer. Only relying on your strengths will prohibit you from learning.

How to find your writing superpower?

Find stillness and listen to yourself:

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