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Is Your Book Cover Misleading?

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Is Your Book Cover Misleading?

Book covers give expectations.

If you browse through the book store and take a look at the different covers you will notice that based on that you will have certain expectations about the content of the book.

Most likely you’ll head straight to the section of books that you like, because you know they are a good fit for you.

Then, based on the cover and on other things you’ll make a decision on which book to buy.

But …

Imagine if that book held something completely different from what you were expecting. If what was promised to be a love story turns out to be a horror thriller. Or the other way round.

How would you react?

Wouldn’t you feel deceived?

It’s the same with people. We judge people so quickly, although they might be very different people when we get to know them. If we take the time and show interest to know them, that is.

On the other side, we try to hide our real personality from the outside world because we are afraid to be judged by others. So, the “book cover” we’re presenting is not what is inside of us.

Imagine you get to know a person and that person turns out to be completely different than what you thought he or she might be?

How would that make you feel?

Why not try to get around that? Why not try to get rid of what causes us to show us differently than we are?

Get rid of judgement.

Sure, we cannot control how others judge us. But we can control our actions and our thoughts if we train our brain to do so.

So, why not let people be how they are without judging them? Wouldn’t that be a lot easier for all of us? And make getting to know each other more fun and relaxed?

Learn to let go of judgement:

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