Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

There Are No Judges

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There Are No Judges

You know that feeling when you’ve worked on your book or script for hours and hours and hours and then when someone reads it they point out a lot of things that “don’t work”?

It’s tough.

But there are a few things that you should remember.

  • they are not judging you as a person
  • it’s just a single opinion
  • you need to detach critique of your work from your personal self

Don’t judge yourself depending on the feedback of your work.

Nobody can judge you as a person. And usually nobody does. Most of the time it’s just what we’re hearing and saying to ourselves, not what the other person is saying.

So, what do you do when you get tough feedback?

First of all, feel as much self-love as you can. You putting in the work has enabled you to be in a position where you can learn something valuable now. If you wouldn’t have written that draft you wouldn’t have found that area to improve upon.

Also, realize that the work is not you. Let me say that again. IT’S NOT YOU. It says nothing about you as a person or about your self-worth.

And, if there really IS someone who is judging you as a person? Leave and stay as far away from them as you can. People who need to put others down in order to feel better have something going on with themselves that has nothing to do with you. It’s something you can’t control.

Leave and find back to your self-worth. How do you do that?

Subscribe to my monthly, paid "Inspiration Now!" Newsletter: