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The Promise On Your Cover

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The Promise On Your Cover

If you go to a book store and pick a book, you will make a great percentage of whether you buy a book or not based on the cover.

When you browse through Netflix, how do you decide which movie or series to pick? Again, I bet, your decision will (in part) depend a lot on the artwork and maybe the trailer.

Why is that?

Because there is a promise.

The book cover promises a certain tone. So do the artwork on Netflix and the trailer.

What kind of genre is this going to be?

Who is the main character?

Can I identify with the problem of the main character or, if not, am I still interested in seeing how it plays out?

Is this a world I would like to be a part of for a while?

These are promises you make to the audience.

So, when you develop a story, it pays off to think about that promise. How clear are you on that promise? What is missing? What does your audience expect?

Don’t shy away from asking a few people about their opinion but keep in mind that YOU are the one making the decisions.

As soon as you get clear on your promise, refer back to it while your writing. Everything that goes into your story must have something to do with that promise.

Of your audience will be disappointed.

Don’t know what your promise is yet? Go and brainstorm it without judgement. Just put down every idea that comes to mind and evaluate them later. Being judgemental throughout the brainstorming only shuts down your creativity.

How to learn to create without judging and questioning yourself all the time?

Subscribe to my monthly, paid "Inspiration Now!" Newsletter: