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What Being Overwhelmed Really Means

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What Being Overwhelmed Really Means

We feel it all the times. Being overwhelmed. There is so much to do.

Get your writing done.

Post on your instagram.

Check the newsletters.

Continue with that screenwriting or online marketing course (or whatever it is).

Oh, and take care of the family.

The kids.

Maybe the parents.

Read more than you do.

Eat healthier than you do.

See your friends more often.

It’s just too much. We’re overwhelmed before we even start the day.

Being overwhelmed means wanting to do more things at once than you can. Or in other words, while you do one thing, you already think about the next thing, and the next, and the next.

So, pick one thing after the other. If you need to think ahead, in terms of planning ahead, do that before starting with the tasks. So you don’t need to do it WHILE you’re doing the tasks.

Then, to one thing at a time, starting with the easiest if possible.

E.g. when you’re writing, start with the easiest thing you can do right now. Then do the next thing. Don’t judge yourself.

When you want to read 100 newsletters a day and check social media all the time to be up to date. It’s not possible. Read one or two, check in with social media less often. Or try not to do it at all just for one day. The world will still be turning, nothing bad will happen.

Don’t hold yourself to higher standards than possible. If you can do tings perfectly, do them imperfectly. Or don’t do them at all.

You promised another person to do something but you’re just exhausted? Will that person understand when you postpone? Probably yes.

To most things that we think we “must” do are either alternative solutions, or it doesn’t hurt if we don’t do as much of them or in a less perfect way.

Get rid of as many things as you can until the tasks become manageable and the feeling of being “overwhelmed” goes away.

In the end, it’s just what you demand of yourself. If you demand less you will be happier, healthier and probably get more done also.

How to learn to demand less of oneself?

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