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The Secret Behind Friendly Ignorance

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The Secret Behind Friendly Ignorance

People give you their opinions all the time, whether you asked for it or not. Whether you like it or not.

Sometimes you might be glad they did, sometimes, not so much.

The problem with other people’s opinions is that they can never be from your point of view but only from theirs. Nobody can know how you really feel, nobody can know  what your true purpose is and nobody should try to make you fit into their way of categorizing and evaluating things.

Because this is what happens often.

Often people don’t give you their opinions to make you feel better (although I’m sure some of them do have the intention to). They tell you their opinion to make THEM feel better. They have a certain way to look at things and therefore give you advice based on their experiences, their way of thinking. Their view of the world.

Also, I’m sure some people’ intention on giving their opinion is based solely on protecting their world view and not having to rethink their life and their decisions. So, everybody who does something differently must be wrong and therefore corrected.

Your cure to protect you from outside opinions?

Friendly ignorance.

There’s no need to try to convince people who have another opinion about your life. It’s okay to disagree. Don’t feel bad because they maybe don’t like what you’re doing.

It doesn’t matter.

The only person who needs to be okay with what is going on in your life is YOU. If you have others who support you, great. If not, still. In YOUR life YOU are the decision maker.

So, if you get sh** from others, accept their opinion, don’t give the need to counter-argue any power, just let it go. And ignore their advice.

Friendly ignorance.

Don’t let the excuses of other people affect you.

How to practice friendly ignorance?

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