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Embrace Your Limits

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Embrace Your Limits

Many people think in terms of limitations way too much.

“I can’t do this, so I won’t be happy.”
“If I only could do this, then I could finally reach my goal.”
“If I were as pretty as her, my life would just be great.”
“It’s easy for him to say in his situation…”

And they keep going on and on an on, always on the lookout for limits that give them reasons not to go forward with what they wish they could be doing.

Other ways to look at limits:

1. They show you areas to excel in

Some things are hard for everyone. If they are hard for you they may be a sign that not everybody can do it, so the more focus you put on advancing in that area, the less competition you will have. Most people just look for an easy shortcut that most of the time doesn’t exist.

2. They teach you to focus on your strengths

Maybe you run into limitations that REALLY ARE hard to overcome. Maybe you should focus on something else. If a door is closed at the moment, don’t waste time whining about it. Instead, look for the open doors. Don’t even think about the closed doors, they’re not important.

Limitations often make you find your way, although you can’t see it immediately.

Just accept them and move on.

How to learn to accept limits?

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