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Following Success Models

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Following Success Models

If you’re not completely new to writing and you’re just starting out (which you won’t be if you’ve read at least a couple of my emails or blog posts) chances are up until this point you’ve already received quite some writing advice from other people.

The thing with advice is this:

Most people tell you what THEY would do instead of what they think would be the best for YOU. They give advice coming from the circumstances of THEIR life instead of trying to understand the circumstances of YOURS.

Another problem about receiving advice is that many people give advice about things they don’t really know. There is a difference between knowing something from a book or from experience.

So, the next time if you receive advice, question the intentions and the perspective of the one giving advice.

BTW, I’ve seen so many bad advice in open screenwriting groups on the internet, it’s unbelievable. So, in case you happen to be in one of them, no matter what the advice is, there is a high chance it’s absolute nonsense. And not only that, if you follow it, it may even hurt your writing career badly.

Try to get advice from people who are where you want to be. Who have done what you’re trying to achieve. They’re harder to find but it’s worth it. And yes, sometimes it costs a little bit of money. But that is still much better than relying on wrong advice for free.

A suggestion when you’re in the position of GIVING advice: differentiate between what you know and what you THINK you know. And let the others know where this information comes from. Don’t be afraid of admitting that you don’t know certain things. It makes you more trustworthy and it will make your advice more valuable.

For example, there are things I know and things I don’t know.

I don’t know how to write a script that gets an Oscar. Because I’ve never done it. Or a script for a movie that collects millions at the box office. I’m not there yet.

But I know how to get a script optioned, how to work with a producer, how to prepare for pitches, how to develop a story, how to do rewrites, and more.

And I know that Yoga has been the best creativity booster for me. Ever.

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