Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

The Windscreen Wipers Exercise

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The Windscreen Wipers Exercise

The problem with our mind constantly firing (partly random) thoughts at us is not that those thoughts exist. The problem is that we let ourselves be affected by them.

When you write, concentrate on the writing. Let the thoughts be there, it’s okay that they are. But just stay on course.

It’s like when you’re driving in your car. It’s raining and you have the windscreen wipers on. You don’t follow the windscreen wipers, don’t you? You would go left and right and eventually veer off the road.

You see the windscreen wipers, you notice them. They’re going left and right in front of your eyes, but still, if you stay focused on the road they can do their thing and you do yours.

And you’re going to be fine.

It’s the same with your thoughts. Accept that they’re there, but don’t let them affect you or disturb you. Don’t let them lead you off the road.

Not letting yourself be distracted by random thoughts is a big step towards being more creative and productive.

How to train yourself to react less to your thoughts?

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