Bela Lampert

Optioned Screenwriter / Yoga Instructor

Discipline Equals Freedom

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Discipline Equals Freedom

I heard someone say the phrase the other day.

It describes something very important, something that is easily missed.

A lot of people struggle with discipline. They are distracted all the time about all the wonderful and not so great things in life.

I mean, happens to all of us.

And it can be quite enjoyable. Life offers us many great things to do and we SHOULD enjoy them.

But we shouldn’t lose ourselves in them.

Discipline helps us to keep our focus, to bring some order to the chaos.

Especially if we want to get good at something, discipline plays a big part.

Just imagine the difference. Imagine yourself struggling every day to find time to write in between all those great offerings life gives you. All those imaginary arguments you have with yourself, whether you should write that day, or maybe it’s okay to take one day off, but then you have a bad conscious…

See how you’re trapped in all the thoughts and arguments with yourself?

That’s not freedom.

Freedom is: first thing in the morning (or whenever your most inspired time is), you sit down, you do some writing, you don’t care about the quality, and once you’re done with the amount that okay for you for that particular day, you can focus on other things.

That’s freedom.

Because now, you won’t have all those arguments with yourself in your head all the time and you can actually enjoy all the other things you’re doing.

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