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Do You Accept Your Mission, Mr. Hunt?

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Do You Accept Your Mission, Mr. Hunt?

I don’t know if you’re a fan of the Mission Impossible movies, but I am.

They’re entertaining as hell, the action sequences are well made and although much of it is rather an Ethan Hunt ego show than spy team work, until now they’ve somehow managed to keep their brand separated from other action movies like the Bond franchise, Jason Bourne, and others.

And there’s also a lesson to be learn (imagine that!).

A must have in Mission Impossible is a scene where Ethan Hunt gets explained his mission and he must choose if he accepts or not (which of course he does, duh…).

And what then follows for the rest of the movie is a relentless pursuit of that mission, trying everything possible (with movie witchcraft) to fulfill it until it’s done, whatever that means.

Writers also have a mission.

Or at least they should.

It will look different for everybody. In contrast to the movies, you don’t get your mission presented by an agency.

It’s your sole responsibility to find it.

And once you have it, follow it relentlessly, like Ethan Hunt does (maybe without killing people).

But you get the point.

If you don’t have a mission, how would you know where to go? How would you know what the next steps are? How would you know if you veer off course?

If you are perfectly clear about your mission, great! You’re one of few creative people who have that.

If you’re still unsure what your mission is or could be, don’t worry that’s normal.

How to find your own mission?

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