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How Do You Stay On Course?

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How Do You Stay On Course?

Our lives are full of distractions and preoccupations.

In quiet, reflective moments we might be quite clear about what we want but in the midst of the mind storms of other things going on we tend to get off course.

The sailing simile comes to mind.

For a while I went sailing quite regularly so I decided to get a license for the lake I was living near at the time.

And my luck was, that in almost all of the sailing lessons there was quite heavy wind.

And when you do sailing lessons, obviously you have to do a lot of maneuvers that have to do with health and safety, like rescuing a buoy that the sailing instructor throws overboard (the buoy being a replacement of a person that might go overboard of course).

Now, the thing is this.

This is very easy to do. Under calm conditions. But under calm conditions the likelihood of someone going overboard is very slim (although it does happen, once someone jumped overboard to rescue a can of beer – but that’s another story).

But if you’re in a storm, suddenly, all of what you have to do gets hard. You can hardly see the person, if at all, because the person is covered by waves most of the time.

Then, you need to know your exact course (because you don’t have any landmarks anymore if  the visibility is bad).

So, it comes down to knowing exactly where you are, knowing exactly how to change course to take care of the emergency (and pick up the lost person) and get back on course.

If you don’t know how to do that, the chances of the person surviving and you going back on course are slim to none.

The same with writing. And life in general for that matter.

First you need to know where you’re going. Second, if there’s an emergency, some kind of situation that demands  you change your course, you need to be conscious about that and then, after the emergency is over, know exactly what steps to take in order to find back to your course.

The difference in real life to the sailing simile is that in life often we don’t see that we’ve been off course for a long time, which makes it even harder to get back on.

That’s exactly why I’m teaching how to do this. Becoming aware of getting off track and how to get on again:

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