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The Most Inspiring Word

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The Most Inspiring Word

As creative writer there is one word that is the most important of all.

Alright, at this point many will argue, ‘but there are many of them’.

OK, so, one of the most important words, then.

This word is the one that keeps you going.

The one, that has you question less.

And work more.

And get ahead after.

And become better.

And make it much, much, much more likely inspiration will turn up again and again and again.

And that word is:


It’s always about the next thing, the next step.

When you have problems sitting down to write, that’s the next step: sitting down.

Then, the next step is: write something.

Then, the next step is: make what you wrote better or write something else.

Keep going.

Make one piece better, add another piece. Delete the next piece to replace it with a new idea.


And next.

And next.

Just keep going.

And don’t think about it.

The problem arises when you’ve done one step and then you’re thinking too much about the next one.

It’s good to decide what’s the next steps is going to be than to do anything. That’s fine.

But when you’ve decided on the step, just do it. Don’t overthink it.

You can go back and redo the step differently anytime. With more knowledge.




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