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If You Do It It’s Easy, If You Don’t Do It It’s Hard

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If You Do It It’s Easy, If You Don’t Do It It’s Hard

Pick one thing you’re fantasizing about.

And with fantasizing about I mean one thing that you’ve been wanted to do for quite some time, but until now you haven’t done it yet.

There might be several reasons that hold you back, some of which you might not be able to control.

But one of those often cited reasons for not doing things is that people think they can’t do it. It’s too hard.

Guess what.

Of course it’s hard. Because you haven’t done it yet.

This also ties in with a perfectionist mindset (which I have addressed in other posts and which I will continue to write more about) but what it really comes down to is:

Just get it f***** going.

Do the first step. You don’t need to have it all figured out from the beginning.

Yes, you need a rough idea about where you’re going.

It’s like going on a hike.

You wouldn’t just leave the house without proper clothing for the expected weather, food, a map on your phone and a rough idea where you want to go.

But when you get there, maybe you find a route that you could only find because you went there.

Or maybe, you meet a local person that shares a great place that you would’ve never found on the internet.

You only got there because you got going.

It’t the same with writing and with many other projects. Often in relation with creative endeavours but it doesn’t have to be.

So, once you go out there, start doing the things necessary to get closer to fulfilling that thing that you fantasized about, things are starting to get easier.

There’s always a learning curve, but who says a learning curve can’t be fun?

And doing things with pleasure makes them even more easier than doing them with pressure.

If you never do it, it will always be hard.

The earlier you start doing it, the earlier it gets easy.

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