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What A Disney Manager Has To Say About Rejection

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What A Disney Manager Has To Say About Rejection

I saw an interview with Kerri-Anne Lavin the other day.

She is Senior Manager at Disney and she talked a little about how writers should pitch to her and some things to consider in this regard.

And she said something very interesting about rejection.

She told that she had been an actress earlier and going to audition after audition, over time she got so used to rejection, it became second nature.

She didn’t even think about it.

Which means that now, when she takes ideas to her boss and gets shot down, she doesn’t care.

It doesn’t even land on her.

What she does is she just keeps going on being the wonderful, inspiring person that she is, and doesn’t let the rejection affect her happiness one little bit.

Because she understands that it’s not her as a person who is rejected, it’s just the idea that is rejected in this very moment because of the actual circumstances.

(Something that you might already have learned, being an avid reader of my daily inspiration emails.)

And the circumstances change all the time, so that same idea might be seen as very valuable in a week, a month, or a year.

And it shows something else.

It shows that being completely comfortable with rejection is something that can be learnt.

Now, that doesn’t mean that there can still be painful and hurting moments that have to do with rejection. It happens and it’s not nice.

But there is no need to feel bad about rejection in general. The sooner you learn to deal with it the more creative energy you can free up to go back to your inspired state and keep on creating.

Want to learn how to get good at dealing with rejection?

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